How to decorate your rental property

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your rental property feel more like your home, here are a few ideas.

Whether furnished or unfurnished, sometimes it can feel difficult to make your rented flat or house feel like your own. To help you get started on this exciting journey, we’ve put together this list of useful tips.


Starting off with the hub of your home – the kitchen. Whether much cooking is done here or not, this seems to be the place where many come together. Making a kitchen your own in a rental property can be difficult, as there isn’t much you can change without getting your landlord’s permission. But, there are still smaller personalisations here and there that can help, like adding plant pots with fresh herbs.

If you have a kitchen table with chairs, adding cushions or even changing out the chairs completely (and storing your previous ones) can really make a space feel more like your home. Colour coordinating this with a table cover or cloth, or maybe even a set of plates and cups can make everything come together.


Like kitchens, bathrooms can be difficult to decorate as you’re quite limited to what you already have. But, you may find that small additions can make a big difference. For example, a stool with handy and useful decorations or plants that thrive in high-moisture environments, can add that je ne sais quoi to a bathroom space.

Additionally, if you have a shower curtain, swapping it out with one you love the look of is an easy way to add your own twist.

Living Rooms

When after a long week at work, all you want to do is to chill out and relax, there’s no better place than your living room. If your rental property is unfurnished, then you can make it feel homey by buying the style of furniture that suits you best. And even if your rental property is already furnished, there are some little tricks to make it feel like your home. Sofa covers, cushions and throws can transform any room in an instant. Rugs and lighting – whether through buying additional standing lights, or changing out lampshades, can also add to having a cosy living room.


Bedrooms are probably the most personal aspect of any home. For this reason, many rental properties will have quite a neutral setting, which can be the perfect starting point for personalisation. For example, you may want to store any curtains or blinds hung by your landlord and replace them with the kind you prefer. If your bed doesn’t have a proper headboard, investing in one or buying bedding that makes you excited to jump into bed are the perfect decoration tweaks that can make all the difference.

And, as an all-round tip for decorating any room in your rental home: if you can’t hang things up, then why not just lean them against the wall.

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