The new Green Homes Grant: all you need to know

The new Green Homes Grant: all you need to know

August 2020

We have patches of plastic floating around in our oceans. Our sea level is constantly rising, and the weather is now frequently out of whack (just look outside).

The good news is that Chancellor Rishi Sunak has recently unveiled the Green Homes Grant for homeowners and landlords to make their homes more energy-efficient. This will see the Government set aside £2 billion for green home upgrades, which is great for those of you wanting to make your property a more eco-friendly place and it also means you or tenants will save on bills - sounds like a win-win.

Here’s all you need to know on the grant, the vouchers and how to improve your property’s energy efficiency.

How will the Green Homes Grant work?

The purpose of this scheme is to promote energy efficiency. Homeowners and landlords in England will be able to claim up to £5,000 in energy-saving vouchers in a bid to insulate their properties more sustainably. According to the Government, this scheme will save homeowners up to £300 a year on energy bills.

How much are the Green Homes vouchers worth?

For most people these vouchers will cover two-thirds of the cost of your energy efficient improvements. For example, if you’re installing cavity wall insulation which would usually cost £4,000, this scheme allows you to pay just £1,320, with the Government paying the remaining £2,680.

Low income households will benefit further; the Government will cover the cost up to £10,000.

How can I apply for a voucher?

Over 600,000 homes across England will benefit from the scheme. You’ll be able to apply for these vouchers online from September up to the deadline in March 2022.

So, how do I make my home more eco-friendly?

The grant is available for a range of improvements including:

  • Heating including eco-friendly boilers or heat pumps
  • Floor or wall insulation
  • Double or triple glazing;
  • Low energy lighting
  • Energy efficient doors

The full details of the Green Homes Grants has not yet been published, but it’s important that you start reviewing what work should be done, so that you can start applying.

Keep your eye on the Simple Energy Advice website for more information. 


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